Ashim Ghimire is Ready to Start a New Career

How Ashim Gained Confidence from the Master’s in Software Development Program

It’s a long way from Katmandu, Nepal to Fairfield, Iowa, but Ashim Ghimire knows exactly where he is going. As a Master’s in Software Development student at Maharishi International University (MIU), Ashim is confident he will garner a great job. In this interview, he shares the story of how he found MIU and his excitement about the future.

Ashim, how was your first experience in the USA?

I was 20 years old when I came to the USA to study Economics at South Dakota University, and, I have to say, it was hard.  Although many international students attended the university, I didn’t feel at home. MIU is different. We have students from almost 50 countries in our program, plus international students who have lived in Fairfield their whole life, and they always make me feel welcome. I never expected to find a place like this in the heart of Iowa! If I’d known about MIU I would have come here. MIU makes it easy to get an education and finance it without straining.

How did you learn about MIU?

I searched for an economics position after I graduated from South Dakota University, but ended up working as a Quality Analyst in Seattle. I met 15-20 MIU graduates at the company. They said it was a great program and they found good jobs when they finished. That was all I needed to hear! My brother-in-law also graduated from the ComPro program in 2008, and was very happy with his education.

Were you a computer buff?

I never had an interest in computers, but the Quality Analyst position was all computer-based and I discovered I liked computer work.  I didn’t have enough computer background to apply for ComPro, so I didn’t consider going to MIU. But then I was laid off from the QA job and wondering what do next.  My brother-in-law forwarded an email from MIU announcing a new Master’s in Software Development program.  The email said that the program did not require a computer programming background so I knew this was the next step for me.

How are the classes? Are you getting the knowledge you need to go out into the job market?

The classes are really good. The way of teaching, with the block system of studying one subject each month, is great.  Studying one thing at a time makes it easier to focus and learn because you don’t have to worry about any other subject.

How do you like the faculty?

The faculty is great. We are all from different backgrounds and no one has been in Computer Science before, but in a span of 10 months we are confident we can do the job and that shows a lot.  It’s because of the faculty. They have to teach people who have little or no computer experience and make them competent within 10 months, and it works.

JavaScript must have been brand new. Was it difficult to learn?

It was challenging, but not too hard, and I discovered that I love JavaScript. You don’t learn it and know it and that’s it; you have to continue using it and learning new things. Getting the degree is only the beginning. Whoever practices the most improves the most, and it’s an ongoing learning experience.

Are you noticing any benefits from the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation ™?

Before coming here, I didn’t think much of it, but after learning Transcendental Meditation ™ I could feel the difference. My mind used to wander everywhere when I tried to study, but since I learned the meditation I can concentrate on what I’m studying. I’ll definitely continue the meditation when I leave MIU – for the same reason – I don’t want to go back to how I was before I learned TM.

Would you recommend this program to other students?

I looked at many universities before I found MIU and I couldn’t even apply without a computer background. This is the first program I would recommend to anyone who has a strong interest in computers. I already recommended it to two friends who applied. The environment is friendly and helpful to students, and it’s a boon for international students because we feel at home.

So far, you’ve lived in Katmandu, Nepal; Vermillion, South Dakota; Seattle, Washington; and Fairfield, Iowa. Where are you headed next?

My parents, and my sister and her family are all living in Seattle now, so my wife and I look forward to going back there when I finish my courses.

What is the greatest thing you’ve gained from this program?

The best thing I’ve gained is the knowledge of computers and web development and the confidence that I have everything I need to get a good job.  I only have a few more weeks of school and I’m excited to start a new life and a new career!


Ashim graduated from the Masters of Software Development program in August 2020 and is currently working full-time and as a Software Engineer at Fortress Technology Solutions in Tennessee.