MIU COVID-19 Information

MIU has been extremely proactive in addressing the Coronavirus threat. All new students, as well as returning students, enrolled in our Fall on-campus programs were tested upon arrival and then again a week afterward. Subsequent tests have been conducted during the semester for students who have reported symptoms, with any positive cases quickly isolated in special housing. We have a testing lab on campus that enables quick turnaround on all samples.

We are pleased to report that MIU has remained open, and our students are now enjoying the option of in-classroom learning as well as the ability to connect to the classroom from the comfort of their dormitory room via live, 2-way video conferencing. (Note: Certain international programs may have more specific in-classroom attendance requirements.)

Numerous other campus-wide precautionary actions have been taken to protect our campus and the broader community.

We continue to observe all government regulations and CDC recommendations, social distancing, and all other precautions that are deemed necessary and advisable, and require compliance by all of our students, staff, and faculty.

We continue to strive to provide the richest, fullest, and safest on-campus college experience possible. With the continued cooperation of all members of our University community, we are confident that we can maintain our exceptional record.


Page last updated: March 24, 2021