First Step: Fill Out FAFSA Application

Most students in the Master’s in Software Development finance their education using federal student loans. To find out if you qualify for federal student loans, you will submit an online form known as the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We recommend getting started on the FAFSA as soon as you can, as it can be a lengthy process and may require additional documentation from you.

Note: In addition to completing the FAFSA, you must also complete the Unsubsidized MPN, PLUS MPN, and Entrance Counseling (linked at the bottom of this page).

Am I eligible for federal student loans? 

To find out if you are eligible for federal student loans, submit the FAFSA and be sure to include our school code:   01111300. Choose the academic year 2023-2024. Then let us know once you have submitted your FAFSA with our school code. Our financial aid office will review your results and let you know if you qualify or not for federal student loans.

What if I don’t qualify for federal student loans? 

Some of our students don’t qualify for federal student loans. First, submit the FAFSA and let our financial aid office review your results. If our financial aid office determines that you don’t qualify for federal student loans, then we have an option for you to pay tuition using our Deferred Tuition Plan. The Deferred Tuition Plan only covers tuition. For other costs, such as housing and meals, you will be responsible for directly paying for those costs yourself. Do calculations of living costs for yourself, including any travel plans you are considering during the program, to determine how much money you will need to support yourself. See our Tuition and Financing page for information about estimated personal costs.

Can I work in a job while studying?

If you’re part of our 2-year online program, it’s structured at a pace conducive to employment. Allotting 20-25 hours weekly for coursework will allow you to manage a job alongside your studies effectively.

Conversely, for those enrolled in our intensive 1-year on-campus program, we advise against seeking employment. With over 40 hours a week dedicated to lectures, labs, and assignments, it’s imperative to prioritize your academics and personal well-being. Juggling a job might detract from your academic success and health. The primary aim during this period should be honing your skills, and ensuring a robust career trajectory post-graduation.

Second Step: Upload Proof of FAFSA Submission

1. After signing and submitting your FAFSA form on the official US government FAFSA website, you will be taken to their confirmation page.

2. Click on the Print this Page button and select Save as a PDF. (see screenshots below)

After saving the PDF, upload it below: