Becoming Accepted to the Program

To become accepted to the Master’s in Software Development program, you will need to take one of the following assessments:

  • The Math Placement test (recommended)


  • The GRE

Information about the Math Placement and the GRE are listed below.

Math Placement (Proctored)

What is the Math Placement Test?

Our Math Placement Test is a free online test you can use for becoming accepted to the Master’s in Software Development program.

It is a 30-question test, delivered online in a proctored setting, to measure your current math and quantitative reasoning skills and takes 1.5-3 hours to complete. You can take it up to four times.

Taking this Math Placement Test, in addition to your standard application materials (transcripts, resume, references, and statement of purpose), can qualify you for our 18-month extended program without having to take the GRE.

How to Register

Schedule a date here. Once you choose a date, we will email you instructions on how to create your account in the system and begin preparing.

Structure of the Test

Once you have created an account, you will then be able to take the self-assessment test, which familiarizes you with the system and gives you feedback on which sections you should study to perform optimally in your proctored Math Placement test. Once you’ve done this initial assessment, you can take the proctored Math Placement test up to four times.

What score do I need to get?

Preferably you will test out of the precalculus level of math skill,  although we evaluate all applications in the context of all application materials and it is possible to be accepted to the program with a lower level of current math skill level.


Note: Due to Covid-19, you may need to take the GRE online.

The GRE is a standardized test that graduate schools use to assess the quantitative, verbal, and analytical aptitudes of prospective students. GRE is an abbreviation for “Graduate Record Examinations”. For our purposes, we’re mostly concerned with the “quantitative reasoning section”, although we would like you to still take all three sections. See a test overview of the GRE here.

The GRE can be taken in-person at testing centers across the country, or online. Taking the GRE typically takes about 5 hours and costs around $205. We will reimburse you the cost of taking it if you have already applied to our program.

If you’d like to get a sense of where you’re currently at with your exam scoring, you can take a free online GRE practice test by clicking here.

How to register for the GRE:

  1. If you wish to take it online, go here: Online GRE
  2. If you prefer to take it at a local test center, go to the “Test Centers and Dates” section of the website.
  3. Click “View test centers, test dates and seat availability”
  4. For selecting a test, choose “GRE General Test
    1. Enter your zip code
    2. Choose the two-month time window for when you would like to take the test
    3. Click “Find available test centers and dates”
  5. At this point, you should see a calendar and a map with pins in it. These pins represent test center locations near the zip code you entered.
    1. Choose a date that would work for you
    2. Choose a testing center location offering a test on that date
    3. Click “Show Test Times” to see the available times
      1. Select a time that works for you
    4. Click “Register”
    5. If a certain location or time doesn’t work for you, then you can try a different date for taking the test.
  6. Create an ETS account (if you don’t have one already). You will need to be signed in to your ETS account to continue. If you need help on how to create an ETS account, you can review this video.
  7. Test Preparation: During your registration process, you will have the opportunity to obtain free online practice tests. Do this! They also offer paid resources, which you can purchase and study if you like. Our recommendation is to at least obtain the two practice tests (called POWERPREP Online–Practice Test 1 & 2) by clicking the “Add to Cart” checkbox next to them. They are free, so they are listed as costing $0.
    1. Your cost, if you didn’t purchase any of the premium GRE test preparation products, should be $205.
  8. Complete Purchase

How to Prepare for the GRE

We recommend doing at least two practice tests before taking the GRE. If you would like to obtain a premium GRE preparation guide and study the quantitative reasoning section, you are welcome to do so. The ETS organization has preparation materials that you can buy from the ETS store when you’re registering for your GRE.

To take your free online GRE practice tests, login to your ETS account, click “MY GRE Home”, and then click on “My Test Preparation and Services”. There will be your free practice tests–click on “Go To Practice Test”. Only start the test if you have enough time to finish it, as you won’t be able to take your practice test again.

Quantitative reasoning is the main section we will be measuring at the Master’s in Software Development program, although we would like to see your scores in all three sections.

Once you take the test, have your scores sent to us by listing us as a recipient for your scores. When you complete the GRE, your testing center will ask you if you want to send your scores to any universities. Then you can choose us from a list of available universities. Our university name is Maharishi International University. We recently changed our name from Maharishi University of Management, so it’s possible we might be listed under our previous name.