Limited Tuition Guarantee Overview

Since our program was founded, our graduates have gone on to receive great jobs. We are so confident in our program that we offer a 100% tuition refund guarantee: If you graduate on time, fulfill the job-search requirements, and do not obtain a qualifying job offer of at least $50,000 within 12 months, your entire tuition cost will be refunded. See below for an overview of the main requirements.

Qualifying Job Offer

A qualifying job offer is:

  • A position as an employee, apprentice, or contractor
  • $4,167 per month gross before tax and withholdings or higher (annual rate of $50,000/year)
  • In the field of software development or working with code

Job-Search Requirements 

To remain eligible for tuition refund, during the 12-month job search period, you must be actively job seeking and meet all the following job search requirements for 12 months following your last day of class:

  • Graduate on Time
  • Begin job search within three weeks of the last day of class;
  • Be responsive to communications from the University Career Services team, including but not limited to Career Coaching and Business Development, within three business days (or within reason accounting for unforeseen or extenuating circumstances);
  • Complete two mock interviews with a Career Coach or other representative of the University;
  • Be available, if invited, to interview for a minimum of three interviews per week;
  • On a weekly basis, update job search tracking report with a written summary of job-seeking activities;
  • Spend at least 35 hours/week on applications, interviews, and other job-search activities approved by the University Career Strategies Department and keep a journal of such activities.
  • Submit responses to any code challenges associated with any job application on time or within one week of receipt if due date is not specified;
  • Upon request by the University, provide evidence of attending all scheduled interviews;
  • Post at least 5 GitHub commits per week to a public GitHub profile;
  • Post at least 1 technical blog post per week on a public URL that can be verified by the University;
  • Email a Career Coach within one business day of receipt of any job offer, including the date of the job offer, name and address of the entity extending the offer, and the title and compensation rate of the position being offered;
  • Be willing to work in person within a reasonable commuting distance from the main work or residence address from which I am job-seeking, and be willing to work remotely; and
  • Do not work 30 hours or more at any job (or combination of part-time jobs) that doesn’t qualify for the tuition guarantee (including as an employee, apprentice, intern or independent contractor) so that you can give full focus to your job search.

To see the full details of our tuition refund guarantee agreement, click here.