JavaScript Coding Test: How to Prepare

Is This Test Required?

This test is only required if you want to join our Accelerated  1-Year Track.
Before taking this test, you will first need to be accepted to our Standard Track.

Structure of Testing

Once you arrive on campus, you will need to pass an in-person verification test in a proctored environment to become accepted to the accelerated track.

How to Prepare

To prepare for the test, please download and study the lessons in this zip file and obtain the corresponding textbook (costs $9.95). If you are eager to get started, you can obtain the Kindle version, which can be read on any device, including laptops. Sample questions are contained within the book and the lessons are in the zip file . If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Video Prep for the JavaScript Test

We have also prepared the following videos to assist you. They are recordings of a live class where we teach the relevant content. You can download the corresponding PowerPoint presentations from these videos in this zip file.

Video 1 – Part 1
Video 1 – Part 2
Video 2 – Part 1
Video 2 – Part 2
Video 3 – Part 1
Video 3 – Part 2
Video 4 – Part 1
Video 4 – Part 2
Video 5 – Click here

Practice Test

Here is a PDF of a practice test you can use to help you prepare: Click to Download

Test Details

Length: The test is two hours long
On-Campus: The test is taken on campus when you arrive in a proctored environment
Language: All answers must be written in JavaScript (not Java, Python, pseudocode, or anything else)
Test software: You’ll write your answers into a document in Sakai, our online test software (not a code editor), or on paper, depending on the current test procedures
Resources: You aren’t allowed to look at any sources online or refer to any other resources during the test
Proctor: Your test will be proctored with a live person proctoring your test


How many times may I take the JavaScript test? It is very important that you prepare yourself thoroughly before taking the test, as you may not be able to get a second chance to take it. Second chances are only given to those who score high the first time, but do not quite meet the mark (close to our expected score, but not quite there).

How do I register to take the JavaScript test? First you need to become accepted to our Standard Track program. After acceptance, contact us to let us know you want to try to enroll in the Accelerated Track.