Master’s in Software Development, Student Agreement 

For the class entering August 2022 



This Agreement describes policies for the Master’s in Software Development at Maharishi International University (“University”). 

This Agreement supersedes and has precedence over any other agreements for the Master’s in Software Development that the student may have previously signed; and any information contained in the University’s website, written literature, or other promotional materials, (which may not always be revised in a timely manner). 

Please note that your acceptance to the Master’s in Software Development is also only for the August 2022 entry. Once you have been accepted to the August 2022 entry, if you wish to postpone to a later entrance date, you will need to have your application re-evaluated for the next entrance. (The Master’s in Software Development Office will determine whether this is necessary). 


The purpose of this Agreement is to summarize some of the main aspects of your graduate degree and practicum program, to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the program structure. Many of the points included here are summarized from the Student Handbook. To be sure that you have read and understood this content, we request that you sign this Agreement as the next part of your admission. 

Transcendental Meditation (TM) program ® 

All students in the Master’s in Software Development learn the Transcendental Meditation program—a simple, natural, effortless technique for reducing stress and developing an individual’s full potential. The technique allows the mind and body to settle down and gain a state of deep rest and relaxation. Benefits that research in over 350 peer-reviewed, published studies have shown to be produced by this technique include: improved mental clarity, improved ability to focus while maintaining wide comprehension, better social interactions with family, friends, and colleagues, and more productivity and success in one’s profession. These features are highly beneficial to computer scientists and are a major benefit of studying computer science at Maharishi International University. 

The Transcendental Meditation technique is not a religion or philosophy, nor does it involve moral training, belief, or worship. Students from over 80 countries around the world have found it to be a valuable adjunct to their daily routine, and complementary to their cultural and religious beliefs. 

To help guarantee effectiveness the Transcendental Meditation technique is always taught in a structured, systematic way. This includes several short lectures and personal instruction, which includes a short traditional ceremony which is the way that the teacher honors the tradition of this knowledge. 

The Transcendental Meditation program is a part of the curriculum and an academic requirement at Maharishi International University. The group practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique usually requires about 25 minutes per session. It is practiced in groups twice a day—once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Students also practice the Transcendental Meditation technique for one additional shorter period before lunch, as part of each academic class they take. Afternoon meditations are generally done in whatever class the student is attending.  

Following this there are three days of further group meetings, in which your increasing experience with meditation is further described and explained, and all questions answered. Because the technique is so simple and natural, these few days of systematic instruction are enough for anyone to properly learn TM. 

The Science and Technology of Consciousness Course 

Your first or second class on campus will be the Science and Technology of Consciousness course.  This course studies the nature, range, and application of creative intelligence in nature, man, and society. Creative Intelligence is that level in Nature (and therefore in ourselves) that is responsible for all creativity and intelligence in the universe. 

Since it is a science, then there are two aspects. One is theoretical (which is the STC course) and the other is practical (which is the direct experience of creative intelligence through the practice of the TM technique). The theoretical principles that are studied in the STC course have been extensively verified by objective research and can also be individually verified by practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. 

Academic Policies 

After starting the program, you will need up uphold these academic standards in order to continue your studies. Please see the MSD Academic Policies webpage for more information. 

Block System Course Schedule 

Classes are taught on the block system. Students study one class only each month. This allows the students to focus deeply on one subject. It also requires that the student learn quickly. 

Job Search 

As part of your program, even after you graduate, you will provide any job-offer letters you receive to your job search coach. This information will be kept confidential but will be used for statistical presentation of program outcomes, such as “___% of graduates got jobs with ___ months of graduation with an average salary of ___”. 

Cafeteria Food 

The cafeteria serves organic vegetarian food. It is a healthy and varied diet, but no meat is served on campus.  

Standards of Dress 

dignified and professional level of dress and conduct is required at all times on campus. General appearance should be coordinated and neat. 

Tobacco and Alcohol 

Smoking and drinking alcohol are not allowed on campus, either inside any buildings or dormitories, or on the campus grounds. Because of the lifestyle outlined above, students find this campus to be a peaceful, safe and healthy place to study. Students from all religions, countries, and cultures live together harmoniously. They find that developing their own consciousness brings success in creating a peaceful environment as well as the clear thinking needed to learn the most advanced software technologies to prepare for the job market. 

Specific Terms of Agreement 

  • I understand that the Transcendental Meditation technique is a required element of education at Maharishi International University. I agree that I have no religious or other objections that will interfere with my learning the technique in the systematic and traditional manner as described above and that I will practice the technique regularly according to the instructions I receive. 
  • I understand that I will need to fulfill the academic requirements listed in the MSD Academic Policies webpage in order to continue in the program after I have started 
  • I understand that my first or second class will not be a Computer Science class but will be the Science and Technology of Consciousness course 
  • I am comfortable that the university cafeteria only serves a vegetarian diet 
  • I will be able to abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol on campus