Selamawit Develops Confidence at MIU

Selamawit Shibru had an interesting journey from Jimma, Ethiopia to Atlanta, Georgia, and then on to Fairfield, Iowa to attend the Master’s in Software Development (MSD) program. Let’s hear why she chose MSD instead of a boot camp and how she grew in confidence while studying at MIU.

CA: Can you tell us a bit about your background, Selamawit?

Selamawit: I grew up in Jimma, Ethiopia, and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  I came to the USA in 2018 and landed in Atlanta, Georgia where I attended an Ethiopian community meeting to help professionals find jobs. They presented MIU and boot camps as good opportunities. Since I had some background in C++ and IT, the idea of training as a JavaScript developer was appealing.

CA: Why did you choose MSD instead of a boot camp?

Selamawit: The one-year Master’s program at MIU looked rigorous, but it wasn’t as intense as the boot camps. MIU’s financial aid package was better than boot camps because I wouldn’t have to work to support myself while going to school, and the Tuition Refund Guarantee gave me a feeling of security. Also, while living in the Ethiopian community in Atlanta, we only interacted with each other, so I liked that MIU was multi-cultural.

CA: How did you enjoy the culture at MIU and the Master’s program?

Selamawit: In Ethiopia, I came from a culture where women in my generation could be shy to speak up and ask questions.  As a result, when I arrived in the USA, I was afraid to talk to people. However, my professors and classmates at MIU were very friendly and helpful. We had lots of discussions in class, where I was encouraged to speak up and ask questions. And we worked together in teams on projects, which made it easier to learn. I made lasting friendships with people from many countries and cultures and improved my communication skills during that time.

CA: How do you feel now that you’ve graduated?

Selamawit: I’m happy because I worked hard and completed the course, got my Master’s Degree, and grew a lot from my interactions with everyone at MIU. I developed my self-esteem and confidence and now I feel that I have everything I need for my new career.


Selamawit is currently working as a Front-End Software Developer for Code the Dream in Atlanta, Georgia.

This article was written by Christine Albers, Freelance Writer