The Technical Interview: Information and Preparation

Video Overview of the Technical Interview

Watch this video below as we walk you through all the steps of the technical interview and answer common questions.

What is the Technical Interview?

The technical interview is an online video call interview between you and one of our faculty members. The faculty member will ask you simple JavaScript coding questions that you will solve for them. The platform for the interview is called, which provides a video/audio sharing platform as well as the ability for you and the faculty member to type and share code.

How many questions are in the technical interview? Typically 2-3 questions, similar in nature to the sample questions below, and usually take around 30 minutes.

Isn’t this program for people with no prior coding experience? Yes, it is designed for people with no experience. Those who have never coded before can learn the needed skills for this technical interview in 20-50 hours of self-study. That’s just an hour per day for 1-2 months, or two hours per day for 2-4 weeks, or 4-8 hours per day for a single week. That’s very different than requiring a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

What to Study and How to Study

The JavaScript skills and concepts you will need to master to pass your technical interview are:

  • Variables and Primitives
  • Functions
  • Iteration (Using For-Loops and While-Loops)
  • Conditional Statements
  • Arrays

How/where should I learn these skills? There are numerous free online resources teaching these fundamentals of JavaScript.

  1. Our recommended resource is
  2. Here is a completely free interactive resource – Free Code Camp
  3. Another free resource that’s interactive is called Codecademy. They also have a paid version, which is very helpful as well.
  4. Or, of course, you’re welcome to find your own resource–there are many. If you get stuck, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you some tips.

How do I know when I’ve learned these skills well? You know you’ve learned these skills well when you can solve the technical interview sample questions listed below. You’ve mastered the content when you can consistently and confidently solve the questions without having to review any resources to help you. Then you can also experiment by creating and solving challenges such as: “How would I alter the code so that it returns an array with only odd numbers?” This experimentation will help you conceptually master the principles of coding.

How and where do I practice? You can write code and practice in any of the numerous online JavaScript coding environments. is a nice environment to use. To make sure you’re getting the coding environment to work, you can start by typing in the code of a sample question into the text editor and test it. If there’s an issue, check for a syntax problem–one little extra “(” or “;” can throw everything off. Then, once you’re getting the code editor to work, you can try to write the code yourself and test it to see what happens! One of the joys of programming is the ability to discover immediately the results of what you’ve created.

Other Questions:

How many times may I take the technical interview? Once! We can give you some feedback on your preparation though to help make sure you’re ready before you have your technical interview. Just contact us.

How do I register to take the technical interview? Contact us and let us know you’re ready!

When is the deadline for taking the technical interview? We recommend taking the technical interview by May 1st to ensure your opportunity to secure a seat in the program.

Sample Technical Interview Questions

These questions are similar to what you will receive during your online video-call technical interview.