The Technical Interview: Information and Preparation

Video Overview of the Technical Interview

Watch this video below as we walk you through all the steps of the technical interview and answer common questions.

What is the Technical Interview?

The technical interview is an online video call interview between you and one of our faculty members. The faculty member will ask you simple JavaScript coding questions that you will solve for them. We’ll use Zoom for the video call, and Google Docs for sharing code.

How many questions are in the technical interview? Typically 2-4 questions, similar in nature to the sample questions below, and usually take around 30 minutes.

Isn’t this program for people with no prior coding experience? Yes, it is designed for people with no experience. Those who have never coded before can learn the needed skills for this technical interview in 20-50 hours of self-study. That’s just an hour per day for 1-2 months, or two hours per day for 2-4 weeks, or 4-8 hours per day for a single week. That’s very different than requiring a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

What to Study and How to Study

The JavaScript skills and concepts you will need to master to pass your technical interview are:

  • Variables and Primitives
  • Functions
  • Iteration (Using For-Loops and While-Loops)
  • Conditional Statements
  • Arrays

How/where should I learn these skills? Our recommended resource is There are also many free or low-cost JavaScript courses online that you can use for learning these basic skills. A web search of “JavaScript tutorial online”, for example, will yield lots of good possibilities.

How do I know when I’ve learned these skills well? You know you’ve learned these skills well when you can solve the sample questions listed below and you understand deeply the logic and principles involved. We recommend that you find additional sample questions from other resources and even create your own challenges in order to truly learn the logic and principles involved.

How and where do I practice? You can write code and practice in any of the numerous online JavaScript coding environments. Stackblitz is a resource we recommend. There are also numerous other free online development environments. Practicing in a development environment is essential for ensuring that your code runs and you’re learning the concepts effectively.

Other Questions:

How many times may I take the technical interview? Once!

How do I register to take the technical interview? Contact us and let us know you’re ready!

When is the deadline for taking the technical interview? We recommend taking the technical interview as soon as possible, preferably by July 1st, to ensure your opportunity to secure a seat in the program.

Sample Technical Interview Questions

These questions are similar to what you will receive during your online video-call technical interview.