Transcendental Meditation

As part of the Master’s in Software Development, you’ll do the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique every day, which will enhance your ability to learn, to be creative, to focus, and to be joyous. This meditation technique is part of the program because of the impact it has on student success as well as for the purpose of helping students live happy and fulfilling lives.

Transcendental Meditation is a meditation technique where you sit comfortably in a chair for 20 minutes with your eyes closed and do an effortless mental technique that helps you to go beyond the surface level of your awareness. When you go beyond the surface level of your awareness, you relax, get deep rest, and reduce your stress level. For more information about Transcendental Meditation, see

There are two options for learning Transcendental Meditation. You can learn it when you arrive on campus, or you can learn it from a local Transcendental Meditation center near you before you arrive. We encourage you to learn before you arrive. Click here for information about the costs associated with learning Transcendental Meditation.